23 october 2015

Fall is in the air!

Fall is in the air!

The day started out great. It’s October, starting to get cold, and I decided to go for my morning run. I got up at five thirty, put on my tight sports outfit, blue Nikes, and went for a run. I chose a romantic running route, where the green of the trees has been replaced with the yellows and oranges of fall. The smell in the air was intoxicating. I stopped to breathe the rain-drenched, earthy smell deep into my lungs. I returned home, had a quick shower, sure that today was going to be fantastic.

Because it’s fun to work from home! Yes, it’s amazing. I’m a graphic designer, and a photographer, and a cook! A real Wonder Woman. But today was going to be a very busy day. Busy in what way? In answering all my clients, in any way possible.
They used to send me an email or call. Today, an email doesn’t satisfy the Instant People – those who want an answer immediately. So they call, and if I can’t answer, they try email, and then they try texting, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, what not!!! The messages look like this:
Client: Milly
Me: No answer
Client: ?
Me: No answer
Client: ??????
Me: ?
Client: You alive?
Me: Yes…I answered you…
Client: I’ve been looking for you for hours! I need you urgently! How long do you take to answer??
Me: I was in a meeting. (To be honest, I was in the kitchen making pretzels.)
Client: But I saw you were connected on Facebook!!!
So I was connected, you caught me! So what? Here’s your prize, a vacation in Rush-Rush Land. Naturally, I did what he asked in a very short time, just so he’d leave me alone.
It’s not that I went off to Costa Rica and was drinking piña colada on the beach. I was working! Dammit. But I don’t expect them to understand me, everyone has their own priorities, and naturally, everything is urgent. If I don’t send the graphics in time, then the font transplant in the Photoshop body won’t go well and the file will die.
After I calmed down, and calmed down a few other irate clients, I went back to finishing my fall dishes.

Elementary School, 1986
This is dedicated to the apple seller who would sit under the big pine tree at the entrance to my school and sell red candy apples.
I decided to make a slightly healthier version, here’s the recipe.

Chocolate-Caramel Coated Apples
Makes 6 Coated Apples
6 medium apples: red, green, yellow – whatever you prefer
300 g bitter /milk / white chocolate
200 g sugar
100 ml cooking cream
6 wooden popsicle sticks to hold the apples
Wash the apples very well and dry them with a towel.
Insert a stick in each apple.
Melt the chocolate in a bain marie.
In a separate pan, melt the sugar over a medium heat until it caramels. Try not to stir the sugar, at least until it becomes liquid. Add the cream and stir for a few minutes. Turn off the heat.
First dip the apples in chocolate and place on paper towels to set.
Wait for 5 minutes and dip the apples in the caramel, twirling them like in the picture. Don’t coat the apple entirely with caramel, so that it won’t melt.

    Cook with the song: Pretending The Stars by Mindy Smith

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