16 June 2016

The Burger of 94'

The Burger of 94'

It’s my birthday today. I’m 35. What do I have to say about it? Nothing. It’s only an age…I hope I won’t become one of those women who refuse to reveal their age, and that I’ll ask the opposite question when people ask me my age, “How old do I look to you?” – in the hopes that they’ll say any number other than 35.
It isn’t cool to be 35, but what can you do. This world belongs to younger women with strong pelvic floor muscles. I have fond memories of my birthdays in the ‘80s. I always wore a wreath of flowers on my head, which my father’s first wife would make for me. She would “borrow” flowers from the neighbors’ gardens and construct a beautiful crown of flowers for me.

During junior high and high school, my friends and I had a custom of replacing the cake with a good burger. Because my birthday always fell during summer break, all the fairs were open. I would celebrate my birthday with a crowd of friends, and I remember one specific birthday, in ’94. We went to a fair that wasn’t as beautifully designed and sophisticated as they are today. I never had a problem with that. I loved the old, vintage rides, half of which were out of order. At first we went on all the different rides, those that were working, of course, and then the stage I’d been waiting for most eagerly arrived: food, naturally –  hotdog stands with an intoxicating aroma, sweet burned sugar, and then I saw him, my first love. Well, he had blue eyes, light brown hair, and braces on his teeth, and despite his metal-mouth, he was incredibly cute. Like any girl with a crush, I sat watching him, stealing glances here and there, and then suddenly, she appeared, his girlfriend. I was so devastated, I think that’s the first time my heart ever broke, I mean, he was never mine, but I’d already imagined and fantasized that we were long married, and that our children’s names were Noel and Jane…. In the end, I was left a little disappointed, my friends tried to cheer me up, but don’t worry, as soon as we passed by the cotton candy stand, I encountered my other love: a juicy burger with a heady aroma. Although it wasn’t a birthday cake but a birthday burger, to me it was much better than cake.

By the way, just so you know. When I was 25, I happened to meet the same guy at the airport in Munich. I was queueing for Berlin, and he was queueing for Switzerland. After exchanging a few glances, we started talking and realized that we’d attended the same junior and high schools. That’s when I realized it was that cute boy with the braces on his teeth, but he didn’t have braces anymore, and he didn’t really look much like he’d looked in junior high. I admit, it took me time to recognize him. Although his teeth were straight, his hair looked like a bird had decided to build its nest on his head, had started to build it, and then given up in the middle and flown away. The next thing I knew we were exchanging phone numbers and saying we’d call when we got back. It’s unbelievable how our tastes change so as we grow older. I wanted him so badly once, I remember that during recess I would sit by his class waiting for him, or sit next to him in the cafeteria, trying to see what he’d ordered to eat so that I’d know everything about him, whereas today all I wanted to do was end our one and only date, and the sooner the better.

Yellow Pepper Sauce:
6 yellow (and/or orange) peppers
4 whole garlic cloves
½ cup double cream
Salt and pepper
Wrap the garlic cloves together and each whole pepper individually in foil. Bake at a high temperature – 250°C for half an hour.
Carefully remove the peppers from the oven, unwrap them, and place them in a plastic bag. Close the bag and leave to cool for 10 minutes. This will help you to remove the skin easily.
After ten minutes, peel the peppers and place the garlic, peppers, cream, salt and pepper together in a food processor. Blend the cream for a few minutes, and season according to taste.
Refrigerate. Spread generously on your burger or on any sandwich.

       can't help falling in love by ​Elvis Presley 

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11/21/2016 3:25:32 PM
WOW! This is incredible! L O V E your blog! love it when you offer a song to cook with!
11/21/2016 1:24:52 PM
These look amazing! I love how you photograph your food
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