26 May 2018

Orange Cheesecake

When I see cheesecake I think of the neighborhood hairdresser "Matilde". Matilde moved into my neighborhood after a painful divorce. I remember the day I saw her for the first time, she was wearing a tight blue sequined dress that emphasized her thin body. I do not know why she wore that fancy dress on a normal day, it seemed strange to me, even then. Soon Matilde became the best hairdresser in the neighborhood. Whenever we met in the neighborhood, she ran her fingers through my long straight hair and said to me, "Oh, how I feel like doing you a haircut." Of course I did not agree. I loved my long, flowing hair.

Matilda loved to make cakes and especially cheesecakes. She was a champion in making jams, all kinds of peaches, quince, apricots, always bringing my parents to the grocery store for a taste of everything she had prepared.
And then happened :.
That my father decided I needed a haircut, they decided, my father and mother did not interest them to ask me and just arranged for me to be with Matilde.
"But Dad ... I do not want to, I think it would not be beautiful." I said with weeping eyes. "You look so beautiful, you have smooth hair, now summer, you'll be more pleasant." I had no chance ..

The day of the haircut arrived
And I try to find excuses not to come. My father was a big man, sometimes I loved the whole thing when I needed protection from him, but this time I realized that if I pulled the rope too far, it would not be good, so I had no choice but to go with Matilde."Take a piece of cake”, she made cheesecake and next to her was orange jam, “Cut a piece, put jam on top and it came out of a delicacy," she said.
She sat me down on the chair, trying to hide my dark eyes from crying.
And began to cut my long hair that turned in a few minutes to be very short, do not know how she came out but she did me bangs too. Bangs are not suitable for those who have a small forehead. And I have a small forehead! And she managed to make me bangs! How strange!
My hair was still wet and the haircut seemed odd to me. "You'll get used to it," she said. "Take a piece of cake and you'll feel better." I tried to eat and concentrate on the delicious taste of the cake, but occasionally I looked in the mirror and saw myself, a 10 year old girl with a bangs and a small forehead, sitting with a plate and a piece of cake. To this day I remember this picture in my head.

The next morning:
My parents got up and not the scream of the rooster but my screams! The hair dried out and lost shape, the bangs hid my eyes and got a curl in the corner, all the hair swelled! The hair began to be curly! How did it happen?? I looked like a fir tree!

From that day I suffered with my hair and did not want to be photographed anymore. In the only pictures I had of that period I looked like Michael Jackson during the Jackson 5 period, I would get comments from people like: "Did you drive with an open window?" or "Have you electrocuted?" It was a horror.

Despite everything, I love Matilda very much. Every once in a while I see her, a really nice woman and it's really hard for me to be angry with her, she was always like an aunt to me. I would give up one aunt and adopt her instead.

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