7 June 2018

Double Crumble Hazelnuts, Almonds and Oatmeal with Mulberries

Ever since I was little
I dreamed that we would have a tree of lemons, oranges or any other fruit tree, would be welcome.
The compensation for this was that my father was a neighborhood grocery store and every morning he went to the large wholesale market that brought fresh fruits and vegetables from the fields. I would first taste the fruit or vegetable that was picked up just a few hours ago. But it's still not the same thing, I wanted a fruit tree that would be able to pick a juicy apple directly from its branches and prepare it in an apple pie.
I still do not have a fruit tree. I got used to going to the market and buying fruit and making delicious pastries that day.

Monday morning
I went to the dentist, oh how angry I was with her. No. Not because it hurt me in therapy, because she was not patient enough to explain to me the process of treatment I was about to undergo. I was so angry that she was angry with me and told me that I was asking too many questions! I sat on the long chair, my feet out of the chair because of my height, I'm quite used to it. I took ten breaths as I read in a good anxiety book and opened my mouth to therapy. Most of the time I focused on the doctor's green eyes, they looked pretty and relaxed but then I remembered her comments and her eyes suddenly were not so beautiful.

On the way home I preferred to pass through the park that connects the center where the clinic is located with my home. Still trying to relax from the morning scene with the doctor, trying to figure out why I get such an unpleasant attitude, and the hypotheses obviously do not come too late. As I walk, I see that my white Nike are a shocking purple color and that the whole sole is no longer white! Not Enough I'm nervous about the treatment I got. I also ruin my beautiful Nike shoes! I looked at the ground and saw that all the green grass had been painted purple and blue and a strong smell of sweetness was in the air. I looked up and saw 4 huge Mulberry (black strawberry) trees! The shoes no longer looked at me, I reached for the branch, one of the moments I was so glad I was tall, and picked some black strawberries. I ate 5-6 and I was happy! 4 Mulberry tree, 5 minutes away from my home! It was the closest I had ever had to my dream. On the way home, I was imagining the dishes I was going to prepare, and I was already thinking about how I was getting all the berries out of the tree!

The next morning:
I had a huge sheet, a large deep bowl and a broom. I reached the area of the trees, spread the sheet on the wet grass, and started hitting the tree with the broom. The sight was spectacular, rain of black strawberries, in seconds the sheet filled with strawberries. I got strawberries into my shirt, on my head, but I was happy, as if gold coins had fallen off the sky.

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10/3/2018 7:45:26 AM
You should try cherries, so so delicious. but beautiful post as always!
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